Question: Will there be a use in time chip technology this year (2015)?

Answer: We are still working hard to implement time chip technology in this year’s MHM 2015 races! Hopefully by middle of August we’ll have a definitive answer! Main reason is finances, we are still looking for major sponsors that would be willing to help out with this cost!! We find the source of income, it will be a go 100%!!


Question: Will there ever be prize money for the top runners in the Half Marathon?

Answer: YES! In fact if we can find enough sponsors this year (2015) we are hoping to have a cash prize for the top 3 men and women in the half marathon! Similar answer to time chip technology, it’s all about the revenue we can find! Being a non-profit race we depend a lot on the external sponsors, as all of our race profit goes to charity!


Question: Will I need to reach Mussoorie a couple days early to acclimatize to the altitude?

Answer: No, when running at extreme altitude your body is not used to, it is better to run immediately at the different altitude than wait a while, assuming that altitude is not over 3,000 meters. Since MHM is ran at an altitude close to 2100 meters (7,000ft), you’ll be okay when arriving a day or two before the race!


Question: What are the individual race categories and prizes for each race?

Answer: For the Half Marathon it is simply a Men and Women’s Open Category (Age 17 and above) and the top 3 men and top 3 women will receive a trophy (no prize money yet)! Every runner for the Half Marathon will receive an online certificate and a finisher’s medal! For the 10km and 5km races, a medal will be for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place overall (Non-gender specific)! Every 10km/5km runner will receive an online finisher’s certificate!

*Half Marathon finisher’s medal for every runner IS new this year (2015)!!:)


Question: Morning of the race, will there be a secure place to keep my bag?

YES! Before you run your race you can hand in your bag and we will lock it up in a secured room! We ask you put your bib number on the outside of your bag (we will supply tape/markers to mark your bag)! Then once you finish the race in order to get your bag you will show us your bib and we will get your bag that matches your number!


Question: How cold will the run be since its November and at altitude?

Answer: We had runners last year from Delhi in a t-shirt and shorts.  Temperature will be around 10 to 13C at race start (7:00am) and anywhere between 15 to 20C when the sun comes up.


Question: If I ran the MHM in 2012 or 2013 is the route harder than those 2 years?

Answer: YES! The route has changed since then and now goes East of Mussoorie with major altitude changes and huge rolling hills! Do NOT expect a personal best time with this route (including 5 and 10km races as well!) unless it’s your first race ever!

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    1. There is no prize money, but there will be a certificate and trophy for the top 3 runners in each male and female individual category!!:):):)

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